Published and Forthcoming Papers

‘Two Conceptions of Instrumental Thought’ (forthcoming in The Philosophical Quarterly)

‘Against the Possibility of a Merely Instrumentally Rational Agent’ (2023, in Practical Reason in Systematic and Historical Perspective, eds. J. Conant & D. Ometto)

“I do what happens”: The Productive Character of Practical Knowledge’ (2020, The Canadian Journal of Philosophy)

Papers in Progress

‘Essentially Final Ends’ (under review)

‘The Myth of Executive Virtue’ (under review)

‘How are ‘all things considered’ Judgments Possible?’ (in progress)

‘The Non-Distinction between Specification and Instrumental Reasoning’ (in progress)

‘The Body of an Agent’ (in progress)

‘Aristotle on Cleverness’ (in progress)

‘Kant’s “Most Rational Being”‘ (in progress)


Review of ‘The Value of Humanity’ by Nandi Theunissen (2021, Philosophy)

Public Writing

‘Intelligent Life’ in The Point Magazine